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Blocks from the Chains - Issue #127

awaking from a wild night of stormsif that's how this little island reacts to weather systems like th

Blocks from the Chains

July 24 · Issue #127 · View online
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awaking from a wild night of storms
if that’s how this little island reacts to weather systems like that then who knows what it will bring when we go over 90f on thursday (and yes for all you people that have higher congrats, i’m sure you have air con as well) i’m not looking forward to it.
what woke me was the low earth rumbles, was it the big one, was it remote, thousands of miles away? then i saw the flashing through windows to the sky, big cracks of thunder and booms, woke me from my slumber, i’d only been out maybe four hours and was thankful to fall asleep for another six after that – it was like being in some kind of sci fi movie with tom cruise as the lead (obviously i am not tom cruise, i can’t keep that level of vertically in my back as a run anywhere) with suspenseful dolly shots and extreme grey colour grading, yeah it was wild man, mother nature telling us who’s boss!
where are the setup tutorials for the mira man?
i wish oh i oh so wish that everything was easy as the avalon dtube blockchain setup. i guess that’s what you get from learning what exists and then you build something that serves your purpose with something robust enough that you know to use, it’s so easy to run a dtube witness leader i just wish that deploying a MIRA enabled steem blockchain was as well – i read a post yesterday about ‘optimizing’ the mira server for rocksdb but it seems like it’s a little bit intensive and thus put it’s outside of the realms of mere mortals – that’s a shame, i’d love to see a 500+ node network of witnesses out there, it would really add to the resilance of the network.
obsessed with graphics and macros atm
i’m literally head down making elgato stream deck graphics and layouts at the moment in OBS – mainly from a perspective that if i do it now then it’s much faster for me to produce videos quickly, i’ve got a whole raft of new courses i want to record with new things i’ve learned about steem but also mac basics and intermidate stuff that i think will help productivity for the digital crypto worker going into 2020, i’m certain we are about to witness an explosion of new digital workers and computer users as we roll into the digital worker revolution next year – you know what they say, 20-20 vision for the future, lots of projects that had funding will be realised next year.
as always, you steemians delivered in the past twenty four hours and i’ve got a smattering of really good links again to share with non steemians today – if you don’t have an account yet you can get one near on instantly for about $2/3 which opens you up to over 400+ apps on the steem blockchain and the potential to stack tokens for lots of great projects, if you delegate steem to them you get great returns on them better than any investment plan on the high street to give it a shot! – ampsteem,, – all have a steem account at the top, i get no referral for doing so.

# Circuitous (word of the day)
Circuitousadj. Being or taking a roundabout, lengthy course: “He took a circuitous route to avoid traffic.”
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If you delegate to Jerry Banfield, he is no longer paying delegators
i make standalone tutorials about steem from a content creator perspective
hey i'm witness of the new dtube blockchain called avalon! can i get your vote?
hey we make landing pages for carrd pro accounts, $97 for life time access!
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