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Blocks from the Chains - Issue #128

The big heatwave day has arrived!The uk really is not prepared for things like this, we operate witho

Blocks from the Chains

July 25 · Issue #128 · View online
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The big heatwave day has arrived!
The uk really is not prepared for things like this, we operate without air conditioning and our buildings are next level insulated so all the heat we have stays in, we are basically ill prepared for an extreme heat situation — but then with temps who really is? — time to eek it all out anyway, I’ve got a bunch of scenes to build before we start hitting those 90’s number, i think it’s gonna be showers at least twice today!
Steem has left puberty into adulting.
Getting the house in order, sorting the books, whatever way you want to look at it — things are changing - it’s obvious that after three years the platform is looking to take some shape by some of the core team over on steemit — maybe in an effect to stay relevant after poorly communicating over the years and approaching things the way they have, still everyone deserves a second chance eh? — personally it’s been interesting how the free market has worked out with people spawning things left and right.
The tools are getting nicer
With steemconnect going to v3 and having a ‘makeover’ to their look and feel it certainly feels like a lot of the frontends/tools that help people interface with the chain are levelling up, it’s a much needed area to look at and I’m certain will be paramount to many frontends attracting community’s in bulk to the platform. The chain is hardly breaking a sweat right now and while the price is fluctuating around and moving up and down positions on CoinMarketCap it’s still here doing it’s social blockchain thing!
The Great Delegation Battle
Things are about to get both awesome and ugly at the same time, from a top down ‘controlling’ body who want to have some sort of ‘control’ and ownership of projects that were given delegation by misterdelegation we are going to see a broad sweeping set of changes implemented and it’s sure to rattle some cages (maybe a good thing!) — what happened to Ned anyway? Is he sitting in his Austin high rise sipping on pineapple juice reviewing the latest and greatest applications? Re-evaluating the existing? — all change at the ranch folks, get ready to adapt!
Change Behaviour or GTFO!
I’m always for change personally, change is better than a rest my grandad said, it’s better to adapt, shapeshift than just keep doing the same old thing, we get stuck in a rut in survival mode looping inside of loopholes in life and it’s good to break out and run for the border, more than ever tokens are giving us the ability to fine tune the communities we want to be part of and everywhere we see a potential to assist and tweak that will be our value economy throughout the chain as a content creator — less vapid vlogs and more focused content for the projects and people you believe can deliver!
Brand Advocacy and the HUNT token
it was such a smart move to go with the erc-20 token (HUNT) now in hindsight with everything going on with the steem blockchain, i’m really looking forward to 2020 to go and bang the drum about decentralized brand advocacy and influencers next year because budgets are certainly gonna start to dry up for the centralized youtubers! are you ready? :)

# Cathartic (word of the day)
Catharticadj. Producing a feeling of being purified emotionally, spiritually, or psychologically as a result of an intense emotional experience or therapeutic technique. “The strength of the movie had a cathartic effect on her.”
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