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Blocks from the Chains - Issue #131

fresh week ahead - last week of july - the future is youth!nothing like a warm start to the week! se

Blocks from the Chains

July 29 · Issue #131 · View online
daily updates you might have missed on steem, eos, tron & sia -- projects, dapps, updates and all the media or live sessions that you don't have time to watch in the week!

fresh week ahead - last week of july - the future is youth!
nothing like a warm start to the week! seemingly had a few days of intense rain which has done an amazing job at feeding the ground that desperately needed water after such an intense heatwave. feeling good about today, lots of sleep and the last week to crush all the jobs before the start of august, hello again august, how you doing?
so for the last few days i’ve been watching bits of the fortnite world cup and it hit me that the future of e-sports, elon musk’s neuralink and other such epic firsts are probably going to be done by the youth. if your over the age of 20 chances are you’ll be wearing many hats unless you decided on a smart speciality already.
i watched a 16 kid yesterday walk away with $3 million dollars in prize money for coming first place is a contest with 100 of the best fortnite players world wide, this kid at practiced eight hours a day, playeds hundreds/thousands of matches in the last three months in preperation for this event, it hit me that the average age was 16.
there is no doubt in my mind that the innocence of youth, the reflex speeds, the daring and the driven will see ‘what’s possible’ and chase their dreams down regardless while they may not have all the knowledge and be naive to their circumstances, speed is going to win in the future – the ability and willingness to adapt – just check out some of the elements for 2022 from the world economic forum for skills outlook.
analytical thinking, active learning, creativity, originality, initative, technology design, critical thinking, complex problem solving, leadership and social influence, emotional intelligence, reasoning, problem solving and ideation, systems analyse and evaluation…. all traits needed for the people of 2022
2020 is your starting grid for this upcoming future.
wanna build a crypto community? steem is ready!
steem quite frankly right now today is an absolute bargain, it’s $0.22 per steem and to be honest if you spent the next six months building out your frontend and communtity within the next year not only would you have built on top of that little stack you would be in the ideal position with your decentralized communtity while other platforms around it are either shut down from running costs or are having a mass exodus as people are leaving for other places!
diversifying in the red candle times
i’m about to put together a series of posts about what you can do TODAY to build up those fiat funds before the downturn, if you are looking around wondering how you can get more 'skin in the game’ you’ll wanna be checking out a few of my blog posts this week – i’m putting together a list of around 50 ways of how you can be building up additional income on the side either from putting in hours of content making work and using that as a portfolio to bring in custom work to you or by selling work you have made around the clock!
there is so many ways in this digital age that you can turn a buck! :)
alright, time to jump in to the week! :)
peace and love

look, i know it's monday. but everything is FINE. ... let's get it! :)
# Attenuate (word of the day)
Attenuatev. 1. To reduce in force, value, amount, or degree; weaken: “The layoffs attenuated the company’s sales forecast.”
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i make courses about the steem blockchain from a content creators perspective!
witness the fitness! any chance of a vote for my avalon leader server? pretty please!
hey, we make niche carrd pro landing page templates -- $97 for lifetime ever!
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