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Blocks from the Chains - Issue #132

let me guess. .. you totally thought i had stopped doing the daily digest right? no sir! not so, in f

Blocks from the Chains

July 30 · Issue #132 · View online
daily updates you might have missed on steem, eos, tron & sia -- projects, dapps, updates and all the media or live sessions that you don't have time to watch in the week!

let me guess. .. you totally thought i had stopped doing the daily digest right? no sir! not so, in fact i just switched things around because of circadian rhythms so there! yeah, i wanted to try using my downtime in the afternoon, my other slowed down energy to maybe focus on writing and curating rather than using that morning video energy instead, just switch it up basically ;)
In a strict sense, circadian rhythms are endogenously generated, although they can be modulated by external cues such as sunlight and temperature
where as me it’s kinda by eggs, beer, kebabs, you know BLOKE things like that, but i’m gonna subscribe to it for a little while and give it a good try! :)
Reviewhunt Launch day is nearly upon on. ..
I really could not be more excited about the launch of reviewhunt it’s going to make all the different to the brand advocate and influencer market place in the next six months and years to come — as soon as people start to realise that they can earn, store and trade the erc-20 HUNT token they will start to realise that they can empower themselves and build out customised communities in their own powerful niches using other tools on the steam blockchain.
as far as HUNT goes, it’s just getting started and once IDEAHUNT kicks off before the close of 2019 we will have a completed roadmap of very powerful web tools for product awareness and development.
As always i hope you enjoy the links below from the steem blockchain, i frequent there regularly on the daily basis and enjoy my time there very much, i’m super busy with course production right now but i’d love to get some feedback if you enjoyed any of the links, don’t forget to sub over on and follow along on twitter! :)

you just gotta get in sync with the rythem to really get adjusted to STEEM! :)
# Solicitous (word of the day)
Solicitousadj. 1. Marked by or given to anxious care and often hovering attentiveness. 2. Extremely careful; meticulous: “solicitous in matters of behavior.” 3. Anxious or concerned: “a solicitous parent.”
Garden Journal July 2019 - Plus Rhubarb and Lime Cake!
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What this place is missing... (and how so many here are just struggling against reality)
Bitcoin Bulls in Bear clothing
An Approach To Growing One's Stake On Steem
What is Libra (Cryptocurrency)? — Friend or Foe?
Artistic space #88 - Street Art in New York, Keith Haring
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