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Blocks from the Chains - Issue #135

Friday comes soon literally just felt like monday, i guess that’s what happens when the w

Blocks from the Chains

August 2 · Issue #135 · View online
daily updates you might have missed on steem, eos, tron & sia -- projects, dapps, updates and all the media or live sessions that you don't have time to watch in the week!

Friday comes soon enough…
it literally just felt like monday, i guess that’s what happens when the world moves pretty fast past you right? It was launch day and boom we are already a few days into it, quests and campaigns are flying on reviewhunt and all I’m thinking is how are we gonna keep up with the demand for quests to go on? — i know i need to compile a list of brands i really love and get them onboarded, that’s gonna required some thought into questions they will ask.
Rewards and Relationships
as expected a bunch of hunters came across in the pursuit of rewards, rewards, rewards! Free internet money! But actually I’ve seen something else forming within that momentum too, the fact is we have an opportunity with the new platform to educate and ‘be better’ at the reviews, teach new skills and even build relationships with the brands that list on the platform — I’ve already done this with mosaeek in some ways and I’m looking to build on top of that product as well (and future companies that come in)
hf21 only for the elite? shake down behaviour?
i’m on the fence on this one to be honest – absolutely we need more businesses on the steem blockchain using the technology and yes we need to level up the content level on there. i do feel we are moving towards a more permission based level of steem blockchain experience with similar real world power hungry struggles to come with maybe only 100+ big whales at the top – who knows, i guess you could just build out a condenser instance, host a witness server, create a token, build your own perfect little eco system and work with your 150 favorite people, kind like a micro perfect steem blockchain version for your collective – that’s the thing about momentum thou, it’s always moving forward, we should go with it! :)
Have an amazing weekend everyone, hope you love the links below! :)

you ready for the weekend then or what?!
# Insidious (word of the day)
Insidiousadj. 1. Working or spreading harmfully in a subtle or stealthy manner: insidious rumors; an insidious disease. 2. Beguiling but harmful; alluring: insidious pleasures.
Investing on your health
Korean Food for a Blind Date
SteemHunt & ReviewHunt: Interview with Founder Young-Hwi
I had to Shave My Head To Explain This Idea
SMTs, Steem-Engine, And Actifit
Being part of the Reviewhunt Launch - our Impressions
Blockchains and a FIAT-burning-machine at Room 77 in Berlin
The Art of Giving - It's Not About How Much You Receive Back from your actions, But How Much Better You Make the World with what You Have Given into the World...
HF21: Where our Tribes will provide a buffer against all the big changes?
i make content for the steem blockchain and i'll help you understand it too!
hey there, i'd love your vote for my witness server! thanks guys. means a lot!
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