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Blocks from the Chains - Issue #137

The Axiom of HF21change is coming, the hands of power believe that by cutting off ya supply that they

Blocks from the Chains

August 4 · Issue #137 · View online
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The Axiom of HF21
change is coming, the hands of power believe that by cutting off ya supply that they can adjust behaviour – that maybe true online but what about in the real world, making changes to the way that people interact on a daily basis can have massive knock on effects – you have to look at the opioids crisis in the states to see what can happen, in similar ways people have got high on the steem rewards pool supply. Those who have dug deep and stored a lot of steem power will sit on ivory towers communicating with the other fifty men that are left, not quite the social network we expected eh? :)
OR NAH. ..
i mean, sure that always happens in society right, a Xerxes character uses power and influence to have people be compliant. Boring! we’ve seen it all before, yes yes, bigger weapons, more destruction, yada yada – way to human! :)
Believe it or not i actually thing that HF21 will be ‘interesting’ – those that FEED on ACTIVITY will have a bunch of fun with it, people will get into wars and the price will go down and we may drop out of the top 100 (could happen) – we might end up with a steemfest with like twenty people in it next year? :)
Look, for me, change is good, three years in it’s a damn surprised that the platform is still here at all, i’m GLAD that i got behind a steem dapp like steemhunt and they just launched their new product – i have a brand new renewed focus now and that feels fucking good, to support the HUNT token all the way through until ideahunt and a few years past that, we have a lot of training and advising and helping to do, my @steemcasting journey has pivoted and i’m happy to progress that.
dtube is going great too, feeling like that platform will do really well also on launch, plus i’m playing around with inline video responses with mosaeek (see the video at the bottom, you can reply to it with video!) and i just feel at some point all of this is gonna cross over – so that’s why i stay.. ..
i stay for the handful of humans that are awake, aware, want a different way to be human on planet earth, who want to share their quirks and weird ass creative ways, because that’s the good stuff, that’s where the ROI and VALUE are in the world, with the little unique things that make up the us.
so then, let’s flip the script on SUNDAY, let’s get more productivity and change our future at the stroke of a key and the click of a mouse, it’s time to get up in the face of HF21 and evolve as steemians. Are you with me?
(don’t forget to take part in the video replies below, here is saturdays if you want to watch that one too! – today’s question, when do you prepare for the week ahead? sunday is my most productive! – you can still reply to saturdays btw as well if you want!)

is sunday your start to the week? when do you plan for the week ahead? REPLY!
# Axiom (word of the day)
Axiomn. 1. An established rule, principle, or law. 2. A self-evident or universally recognized truth; a maxim. 3. A self-evident principle or one that is accepted as true without proof as the basis for argument.
reviewhunt is epic, quests caused tech flashback and buying my daughter a tablet for summer!
what we need more on the steem blockchain, identifying what our ethics are, props to @tibfox for putting his line in the sand!
what’s happening with @steemcasting you’ve not posted in a while. . . slightly pivoting! :)
Being part of the Reviewhunt Launch - our Impressions
SteemPress 2.5 Update: Guest accounts, design improvements and dashboard for user settings
Complete guide to understand rewards in HF21 [Part 2]
Say Yes to Yourself: DTube Exclusive
The Entertainment Software Association just doxxed over 2000 journalists and content creators
Introducing a NEW Weekly Catchup show for Reviewhunt - The Buzz Factor - EP1 ;)
Let’s talk a walk around Mosaeek, a cool threaded video reply web application ;)
The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out ...
Steem Has Something To Offer Businesses
we make carrd pro themes for landing pages! :)
i would love your vote, i've already jumped a bunch of places. thank you!
i make tutorials and help with onboarding people to steem
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