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Blocks from the Chains - Issue #138

spend money to make money! (video reply below)do you believe in the mantra of you have to spend mone

Blocks from the Chains

August 5 · Issue #138 · View online
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spend money to make money! (video reply below)
do you believe in the mantra of you have to spend money to make money? i certainly do that at times you have to upgrade your equipment to move along with the times – the fact that it’s more expensive means that it can exclude those that don’t have the access to resources, no resources, no upgrades! – so this morning i’m on the hustle to make a certain amount today to warrant being able to spend money on the kit upgrade which will pay for itself but then i’m in a zero sum game – but of course will have a new device, hmm…
can you tell it’s 06:19am? :) currently in wake up mode! :)
you have until the 27th to get your shit together
ok, not quite that serious but i was listening to the witness forum yesterday and it seems to me that some witnesses just wanna see the whole fucking thing burn if you ask me – i doubt we will ever get incredible writers and bloggers use the steem blockchain when we seem to get excited about flagging wars and the bullshit that goes along with it but i guess that’s just the nature of the power hungry beastie eh?
if it’s there for exploitation then people are gonna bid bot themselves to the hilt and keep on driving the price down – could this be the death knell finally boss blow to the steem price or are we are on to pastures new with the belief that in some way this massive behaviour change with ‘drive out’ those they wish to leave returning funds to the pot again? turning voting into a cultural clusterfuck that you have to curate to get votes?
all of a sudden other blockchain technologies other than steem start to look rather attractive right? – but don’t worry, i’ll still be blogging on steem when it’s 0.00 because i always back the underdog. WOOF!
courses courses courses
my whole money is about getting the shit done that i’ve not done in a very long time, you know like that mac course that i’ve had sitting in my machine since november 2018 – yeah, like nearly a damn year, i’ve gotta get that done it’s been bugging me like crazy, i think that’s gonna end up being like a twenty four hour course once all the bits are done, still, great for minutes watched and it’s gonna be a manual for all the times i’m asked or told 'where do learn this stuff or the internet is boring’ – there is only so much that people can learn from youtube and the stuff they do learn is fragmented.
pivotting steemcasting
steemcasting needs to make money from the start, it’s a big decision from the start but i realise that if i’m gonna spend more time on it i need to have a revenue stream for it to allow me the time to tinker! – that means designing, building packs, layouts for sale on gumroad and actively 'showing off’ the wares on a daily basis in a show – i’m thinking mixer right now mainly because of the FTL protocol i always loved and because well the focus is on that platform because NINJA has moved over there. I’m talking about that in my dtube video this morning (oh btw, thanks for all the voting i’m really moving up the charts, great to have your support!)
thanks for reading, don’t forget to reply to the video below, i do a video everyday as a conversation starter and i’d love to get to know you better :)

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