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Blocks from the Chains - Issue #139

the great big steem experimentwow, some people have been playing too many of those 'tower defense' ga

Blocks from the Chains

August 6 · Issue #139 · View online
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the great big steem experiment
wow, some people have been playing too many of those ‘tower defense’ games for far too long, look how far we have fallen, buying digital gold to upgrade the XP on the defenses just to get through another round, let’s called them HF’s (hardforks) – tbh thou, you can’t blame them right?
i mean if you had any legacy at all, any history of a time spent on a platform and you worked (?) really hard to build up a level of power in that game you would pissed if that had no value at the end of it – in some ways you would feel that you wasted all that interaction time when you could have been doing something better in life, you know, like living it (why do we just exist within those bubbles?)
we are about to see the same shitty grey suits play the game with your steem investment, your gonna end up with 300 chubby spartans at the gate deciding you outcome. it’s gonna be a blood bath, down voting in the hope of behaviour change, downloading to upvote, i hope that funds will return to a pool and that the price will correct and the position climb – businesses will come to the steem blockchain and they will save the day ;)
power and greed man, have we learned nothing? it’s incredible how the reflection of society can live out through an immutable record of what you’ve done and why you did it, history then becomes an instagram moment as the human goes about their day – change is however, good, it’s needed, we need to try new things, things become stagnant – it’s time bring in the butt plug to this steem relationship to spice it up a bit.
the odd thing is however is that the tech is actually really good, but debate has devolved into who decides what to recover whatever status is left because that’s what people do who can’t control the narrative. they become militant and broadsided into a singular outcome, creating pseudo communties in a hope of salvaging some part of history that sank to the botton of the blockchain marianas trench a long time ago – it’s weird that only the very rich can reach the bottom of that trench also.
back to your roots.. ..
what can you do, what should you do? should you blast tags unabashed in the hope that you can sidechickchain a +1 on a tribe? what’s gonna happen to you PAY? lol, everyones a content creator, everyone wants to get paid, this was the future, posting in my pants! don’t take away this future for me! haha! – sorry, but it’s funny on so many levels, it’s like playing the most fucked up game of scrabble ever to me, it’s like auntie accidently put mescal in the trifle and now grandads off his tits dancing to techno in the front lawn.
for me, i’m just nodding and grinning as we want this black hole sucks up the light and expel it like a great ledger shard to the other side of the galaxy where no doubt they use steem as a NFT to label their trash and garbage allocation per alien – i dunno, at least it’s being used somewhere right? quick register steemappsgalaxy already… it’s a hit! :)
for me personally it’s back to how it always was, no comments, no traffic, no funds but my blog, this time i don’t have a hosting bill still! yay! i win, that’s all i ever wanted a place to post, maybe we might all regress and stop the bickering and status and finger pointing at the fact that we don’t huddle together anymore like sheep – who knows, all i can tell you is that i’ll still be posting daily at 0.00 just because fuck it, immutability right? :)
i’m happy to be returning to a low impulse life where i take photos, videos an cinemagraphs of the world around me, i’ll be sharing the new site soon where you’ll be able to see all the stuffs ;) (posting to steem as well, for 0.00, lulz)
app shelf life is dropping fast
i used to have a rule of using a web application for no more than two years, that’s always when the updates and passion started to dimm, all of a sudden things would break and it would not be until monday that someone would reboot the server, in some ways we are already way past that time with steem, now three years in, hf21 will be dead for many and yet cement in stone those have stacked a lot of steem power, cool, then what?
even if price does goes out, did we really get to our utopia we had wished because of this blockchain or did we just live out another abusive relationship and create another identical copy of the greed that happens in the world anyway? did you win this game? did the nerd actually pull through this time, did you add air to the bubble that you live in? you did? well that’s freaking awesome, good for you, the power of the the one! – aaaaah, to be worlds best planatary virus killer, the human! go you pocket thanos!
adapting to the fact that the app shelf life now is dropping so fast it’s gonna be interesting to see what really communtity looks like when people live out their mental health issues, lack of compassion and closed door approach to letting those they consider not worthy into their fold – that’s gonna invoke a lot more real world reaction than not i think, i hope the XP race was worth it!
i hope you enjoyed my devils advocate fly on the turd wall of life responses this morning, i’m pre-coffee, wiping the sleep from my eye considering cleaning the pots and making some of that good black joe joe for inhaling this morning! – you have a fn'good day.
Peace and Love!

QOTD: living or existing withing your life, how are you setting yourself up to thrive!
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