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Blocks from the Chains - Issue #140

let's play more devils advocate today! :) (psst, buy DTC and HUNT!) The gentrification of steem begin

Blocks from the Chains

August 7 · Issue #140 · View online
daily updates you might have missed on steem, eos, tron & sia -- projects, dapps, updates and all the media or live sessions that you don't have time to watch in the week!

let’s play more devils advocate today! :) (psst, buy DTC and HUNT!)
The gentrification of steem begins.
Bring more in, kill the bid bots, make people downvote to upvote, curate the ‘good’ stuff, build outside tribes off chain just in case it all goes to shit so we can still sit in ivory towers and look upon the charred remains of the blockchain we once loved unconditionally but where is now run down ‘projects’ blocks ready for demolition and demonetised behaviour correction.
ha! Hey hey, I’m only f’inking with ya, the witnesses and power players would never wrap up a story like that right? It’s watertight, bring business, correct the ship, let’s have 300 ‘leaders’ over thousands of users, let the people who fucked up in real life ™ the first time with their businesses have another crack in the virtual blockchain world instead, let them claw back some kind of success that they made it as a businessman ;)
In all seriousness, yes, sure, we need money coming in, but be careful about what middlemen you let in, in shit suits and two for them and one for you, it’s the same old tactics, sell the thing before the thing has people looking at the results and the impact on the environment, not getting what you want? let’s form an alliance, crooks and megalomaniacs together! let’s stir in a little anarchist marketing, that’s sure to get the masses to join — get a fucking grip give the average joe more respect first to see through your power-tripping wayssss….. ;)
all i’m saying is don’t be blinded by the obvious! :)
The faucet is leaky, change behaviour!
In twenty days time, what was a blogging place will become a battle field and you can see at a glance the power hungry people who believe that by stacking lots of steem power, making ‘connections’ and generally subscribing to the scripture of steem will someone be part of the cool kids when really, those will be attributed to a potential demise of the platform — again, like i said, I’ll still be here, posting at 0.00 — immutability is a wonderful thing, even if i have to phone it in via the command line on multiple accounts! :)
do you really think those people that you have ‘correctively’ adjusted will just leave and that’s the end of it? — this ain’t no 80’s bonfire of the vanities, in the real world you try and control someone’s future means they are free to adjust yours (only fair right?) the digital and analog, the 1’s and 0’s — as they say in antitrust, ‘alive or dead’ — that’s what you are if you miss the shipping date in the software work at least (great film btw)
just people playing position, selling you on better way and out the door the next — i mean what better way to make sure you’re delegation is safe but to be on the board of the directors managing the funds. I’ve seen it all before with ‘creative quarters’ at street level here in the uk – it’s just analog cops and robbers as soon as they smell the potential of money and power they come running once they convince other people to build shit for em on the cheap — i say buy HUNT and DTC! (kinda loving dtube at the moment!)
But on the flip side, there is some good shit here!
Like really really, i would be off using other websites if i did’nt think that, but as with real life you gotta know when to go to the next party, you can do that with the chain because it’s broad, you have a pocket of people over there, dapps being built over there, games, frontends, it’s pretty great if you can carve a little bit of a stream for yourself in there.
Take TASK for instance which i discovered yesterday, it’s fucking rad! A project by the chief lead of dtube for using a steem-engine token for tasks, i think it’s got real legs, it’s a little bit like a trimmed down version of reviewhunt for little chores, micro tasks, very much like mechanical turk (google it) but better — using steem! Earn TASK and trade them, buy them and get stuff done!
I really can’t wait until these things are like atomically swapping all over the place between projects, communities, outreach — for instance, wrote a fucking awesome post about something your launching, trade in some tokens for one community over another to get a boost on that post — you can only trade those tokens because you’ve been engaged elsewhere, kinda like paying you for the attention.
In real life we all have hobbies that we go off and do at random times, would be great to trade these in seasonally and have new fresh blood in the channel until you return again with your old squad, therefore the spaces just become conduits to host conversations around the content of life/hobbies — you can trade your engagement in for another token so you can buy the virtual room drinks on the way in, your not starting from zero — your bringing in value from another tribe, i certainly see this being something that inline video chat company mosaeek could deploy for audience participation.
Alright, that’s me for today, breakfast was lovely, coffee was great, just finishing my water, taking myself for a toilet trip and then GAME ON.
remember no rewards pool was plundered in the production of this digest, and nobody can downvote it! :) PEACE AND LOVE! BUY DTC AND HUNT!

1. what killer dapp is missing OR 2. what pro features would you pay for on mosaeek?
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