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Blocks from the Chains - Issue #141

dropped another two positions to 82that price keeps falling, down to $0.20 now as well, getting close

The Side Chain Influencers

August 8 · Issue #141 · View online
daily updates you might have missed on a variety of blockchains, sidechains and tokens for brand advocates, influencers, media makers and content creators -- ditch your adsense addiction!

dropped another two positions to 82
that price keeps falling, down to $0.20 now as well, getting closer to my buy in price tbh ;) – i mean at these prices and if you have some spare scratch change then if you are using the blockchain in any way for anything immutable and getting good utility from it because of it’s decentralized nature then as long as you can cover your overheads you gonna be in good shape right? – still got life in the old girl yet as they say! :) – just remember, don’t spend money on stuff you can’t afford to lose thou!
tribe economy on the rise
i’m starting to see real application on the steem blockchain and it feels good to see, little applications that can feed into the ‘sustain’ the ship feels – it looks like steemit is doing that by loading their condenser frontend with ads and living of the revenue so why not build your own expression of what the steem blockchain looks like to you? there is so much opportunity here to make it exactly like you want it!
don’t fit in the tribes that exist? make your own!
task, hunt and dtc
i wrote a post about it and did a video too regards it, i think these are three tokens that you such definately consider stacking between now and the middle of next year – if for nothing else you can earn the task, buy and swap other tokens to get task, get little tasks and chores you want done on the chain and earn HUNT for being a brand advocate for various companies too – don’t even get me started for how awesome the DTC dtube stuff is gonna be because for the first time we have a really great frontend to decentralized video that i believe can really make a big impact for video hosting!
that’s it for me today, i’ve got big long batches of video recording to do today as i’m a little bit behind on my week and i’ve got some new client outreach to be doing as well! :)
have an amazing thursday.

mine probably is coney island -- warrior spirit and mr robot soul.
# Enervate (word of the day)
Enervatetr.v. 1. To weaken or destroy the strength or vitality. 2. Lacking physical, mental, or moral vigor. “Prolonged exposure to the sun and dehydration enervated the desert racing team.”
New witness running lightest Steem MIRA node in the town 🐭 @mysia
Mosaeek Review! The future of Video Interactions!
lots of projects and frontends are going token based for participation — I earned TASK to discuss this Clean Token (CT) post..
Reconciling my relationships in a world that struggles with the depth I'm prepared to go!
Luxembourg Confirms Plans For Cannabis Legalization
Msp Music & Art Curation Contest Brought To You By Snibby the Cat! // Week 76 // 25 Palcoin Prize!
Tyranny in the Name of Security
— also, this….
tasks and micro working, frontline work to help empower parts of the chain that need relationship management.
Can we make Steem easier for new comers and investors?
Adapt Today for HF21 ‘Gentrification’ with TASK, HUNT and DTC! :) — find your tribes!
Reviewhunt Launched and it’s AWESOME but it’s POWER MOVES are not even in the product yet! #yasssss
Made it Through My First 10 Hour Day of Work... Let's Talk About Inspiration and the Positive Energy & Endurance We Receive from that Inspiration!!!
you can learn lots of stuff about steem. i mean, you don't have too. . . but should!
witness the fitness. support that avalon leader life. at 2milli votes. you guys rock.
probably about time we made some more new templates. maybe live?
hat tip to the best, wanna date video of 2019! :)
Ariana Grande and I made a music video...
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