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Blocks from the Chains - Issue #142

Would love to see the stats on the hardforks!Hf20 was a bit of a clusterfuck, a case of putting in to

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August 9 · Issue #142 · View online
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Would love to see the stats on the hardforks!
Hf20 was a bit of a clusterfuck, a case of putting in too much that was untested (some features that probably couldn’t be tested either maybe) but it was the introduction of the RC/MANA bars — i kinda liked that feature, everything had a resource credits cost, i still love that idea but it did restrict what newbies could do because it was required that they had some steem power to do operations — I’m guessing that was the point, buy steem so you can do functions on the blockchain.
I do wonder how many people we SHED every time we fork the chain, people that just leave after a few weeks of all the subtle changes, maybe that’s the point to having hardforks, not just to deploy adjusted curves but to allow you to have done things the right way, if you did’nt educate yourself and stack steem power in time then you fall down the food chain like in real life. The rich get richer and then you end up with 300 whales just talking to each other about how powerful they have become laughing in their smugness at the underclass, how many times in society have we seen that loop over and over — underclass riot, costs on the system, the loop begins again.
but it’s the weekend so steem on
It won’t be long until the blockchain tech melts into the background, bigger companies, with better business models and working practices will spin up their own chains that already have 10/100’s of millions of gamers/players who actively play/stream to services you know and love on a daily basis — those tokens will be factored into the gaming experience and people will be able to donate those tokens to people they subscribe too and use for bartering or wagering on games, it will all be fluid and seamless — suddenly you anarchic chain features start to look a little thin, scrambling for utility and shouting ‘immutable, immutable’ from the roof top before an EMP comes and takes out servers in data centres across the land — devils advocate!
Build a steem data sink, charge for your skills
There is certainly marketplaces here, even if it’s working for another dapp or building out your own tokens, you can literally build out your custom safe place on the web — it’s not ‘in the box’ yet where you can fire all that stuff off but it’s getting better all the time — once it’s like hosting a website and you have a ‘control panel’ experience people will flock to it because they can become their own YouTube without the bullshit (or at least, a different kind of bullshit to deal with on a daily basis)
SMT are coming, SMT are coming…
I think this was the thing about the chain i was most excited about when it got announced because it really made sense of how it would contribute to the steem eco system with people needing steem to be able to build their own token emission systems — i loved the idea of comment plugins for popular platforms like wordpress and beyond, building modules for systems outside of the steem ecosystem, bringing people in and awareness of the blockchain and this big world wide database ledger that sync’s globally, RESILIENCE!
I put together a video topic of the day below also using the mosaeek platform, it’s a cool little video platform for commenting on the top of a video you upload (or you can use a existing YouTube link) — it’s a great way of interacting with a video, their mobile app is coming soon too! :)
I’m working on courses for the rest of this month, building out some streamer tools and products!

free flight to mars and leave ya family on earth or stay and never explore space?
# Nocturnal (word of the day)
Nocturnaladj. Occurring or coming out at night: “A nocturnal lifestyle.”
Finding Perspective on HF21 -- Actions Speak Louder Than Words
We are not alone on this planet and they are learning from us
Binance KYC fiasco shows again that personal data is not private
Easiest Way to Setup a Masternode
Healthy Food as Medicine: We support #foodasmedicine #fruitsandveggiesmonday tags on Steem!
Green Gathering Festival - Permaculture Area
Announcing the eSteem Token: ESTM
Tomorrow We Start our Hike :) Check Also my Previous "Reflexion" Posts ! 🌿🌍💚
Having a Blast with the Mosaeek team, some AWESOME stuff is coming...
Currency Wars On The Way?
One thing I might recommend for future hard forks of steem...
A DTube Original Comedy: Hodlitol
we make videos and tips about the steem blockchain!
vote for my avalon leader witness server! 2.1 million vote so far! yay!
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