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Blocks from the Chains - Issue #143

position 85 on coincap, down to $0.18 (bargain)it's gonna be a sad day when we don't even appear in t

The Side Chain Influencers

August 10 · Issue #143 · View online
daily updates you might have missed on a variety of blockchains, sidechains and tokens for brand advocates, influencers, media makers and content creators -- ditch your adsense addiction!

position 85 on coincap, down to $0.18 (bargain)
it’s gonna be a sad day when we don’t even appear in the page load of the top 100 cryptos out there – especially when steem really should be one of the cryptos world wide that should be in the top 25 at the very least on pure application of what can be done with the platform today – it’s having a rough old time at the moment, i say it’s a buyers paradise personally right now, it’s getting closer to my favorite price of $0.15 that’s for sure. I’ve bought there before and i can tell you this when it goes even lower lots of people are gonna buy in as well – we have 17 days until the supposed hf21 goes in too – so make your time whatever you do!
finding new inspiration for video each day
maybe it’s working with mosaeek doing video responses every single day since i found out about them from the reviewhunt campaign or it’s just a general life shakeup that i’ve decided to do but i’m feeling pretty pumped about my new morning schedule – no internet, no tabs, no news – just my camera settings app and recording schedule.
Just this morning i managed to record thirty minute, four parts of ‘case studies’ for people looking at reviewhunt and wondering how they can utilize this to do their own campaigns and quests – i’ve even given people some quest ideas they can factor in when becoming a MAKER on the platform.
The hack for me was not to edit, just back to back record and then switch to writing/newsletter after it – now i know i have videos i need to edit and even my energy levels take a dump or it get’s too hot in the day as the day progresses then i don’t have to sit in front of lights of have the fans turned off – this is a major step forward to building up my courses content too.
i’ve even made a better template system for jumping straight in where all i have to do is turn on or off parts of the template to make each video a little different than the last – overlays, genlocking, noise correction, all sorted – feeling pretty pumped about that!
finally today i wanna quickly give TASK a shout out again, this really neat service on the steem blockchain (actually it’s a token on steem-engine) is really a great way of getting little micro tasks done backed by a token you can trade, burn and buy to get people to do little actions for you – i love it, i increased the amount of subs to the newsletter from it and while i know a lot of people probably just /dev/nulled that stuff i still like seeing bigger numbers = engagement, give it momentum –
Kinda sweet! :)

what are your favorite daily productivity hacks you apply to your life? reply in video!
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