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Blocks from the Chains - Issue #144

i went against my schedule todayjust wasn't feeling the momentum this morning, feeling those sunday r

The Side Chain Influencers

August 11 · Issue #144 · View online
daily updates you might have missed on a variety of blockchains, sidechains and tokens for brand advocates, influencers, media makers and content creators -- ditch your adsense addiction!

i went against my schedule today
just wasn’t feeling the momentum this morning, feeling those sunday rainy vibes instead. of course i need to work but i’m gonna go about that differently today, i think i’m just gonna straight up record video all the way through and watch some live streams between each break, wake up monday morning to have them ready to edit and encode and put in the course and check upwork in the process – it’s sunday so it’s a planning day too, plus i have pots to do and prep for food for the week ahead (breads, rice, lentils stuff like that)
building up my targeting list for reviewhunt
it’s been quite the success to watch the first week of reviewhunt unfold, while people are still taking in what the platform is and could be i’m trying to race ahead and onboard or reach out to the app makers and brands that i think should be here – i’m also trying to suggest a few ideas to the team regarding physical products, we would have to change the way the platform works in the quest lines but i think it would be not a massive departure and could be something that other platforms currently don’t do – it could be a great way to connect together steemians to in the process.
you can see my latest post below about it, i made four little videos which have been added to the unofficial reviewhunt course on skillshare, take it, it’s free, it’s like an hour or so and i think it adds value – if you would like me to add a tutorial video on a part of reviewhunt that’s missing let me know!
hold position, continue patience with cryptos
you probably find yourself wondering a lot why you stick around this stuff when it takes up so much of your time. if your at the front of the coal face of it all maybe you don’t mind, maybe the tribe/cult like nature of messing around with tsuanmi wave platforms gives you a bit of a thrill to know you are playing with stuff that is cutting edge – things that you know society will naturally just fall into when they realise how the rest of the world is propped up with weaker systems without traceability.
we are EARLY, so damn early, like, lightyears – people are not even thinking about a behaviour shift in their own thinking let alone wanting to use these tools in their day to day – same with the climate, why do they need to worry about that when they can see food on the shelfs and buy bullshit from the dollar store?
everyone has their reason for ‘being in crypto’ and for me it’s that alternatives having my attention don’t deserve to keep leading me down a darker, longer black hole to destruction – i want an opportunity to be able to craft my own vision of where i fit into the future economic, digital future we are cascading into and while that’s bladerunner as fuck right now it’s gotta be cooler to deal with cosmic blues and power puff retro pink that the dull boring shiny grey suits of fatcats and bullshit thinking.
never forget. we are EARLY, keep turning up, even if the price is shit, the technology is LEGIT.

# Erudite (word of the day)
Eruditeadj. Deep, extensive learning. “He has a reputation as an erudite intellectual with a deep understanding of the issues.”
app makers, physical products, web app awareness and virtual focus groups — outreach videos for reviewhunt + course update.
World Stock Market Relative Strength Analysis Report For Week Starting 8/11/19
It appears that Ripple now has a use case and it competes with steem.
Welcome to World War III | SteemPeak
Steem Doing Good In The World
An Overblown Sense Of Fear
What If We Are Part of Higher Dimensions Without Knowing It
Digital Resistance Begins with BEOS
There Is A Floor To The Price Of STEEM
BTC is still bullish ! All altcoins are in a bloodbath
i make videos about things on steem
i'd love your vote for my avalon witness server for dtube
it's true we make niche carrd pro themes and charge $97 for life time access!
Absolutely Chilled Sunday Visual Vibes.. ..
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