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Blocks from the Chains - Issue #145

Forks in the road!In a few weeks time it’s all change on the steem blockchain. Hard forks always brin

The Side Chain Influencers

August 12 · Issue #145 · View online
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Forks in the road!
In a few weeks time it’s all change on the steem blockchain. Hard forks always bring about a corrective change to the main code base — the next one is going to effect rewards and bring about a funding of a project fund of sorts to enable people to apply to the steem pot for delegations for projects and to put together a ‘kitty’ (as we brits call it) for work that needs to be done — less hoping for people to reply on upvotes and delegations and instead a more formalised approach.
with the price going down and down the prime driver now is to some how make steem more valuable again — applications that burn steem and corrective action across the board when it comes to bid bots and downvotes — whatever you want to say about steem, it’s never boring.
One thing i do know is that it’s gonna feel much like a boys club, ‘300’ holding the line spartan situation for a long while after the hf21 goes thou, it’s probably gonna be a less ‘social’ place and a more ‘business’ place — which should be great for price as the whales want to build an build and maximise profits (some wrapping that in the illusion of ‘community’ if your submissive enough) regardless of my opinions on it, things will change and for many they will just keep posting about how much more they have and then wonder in another year why nobody talks to each other anymore.
Other Chains are Launching Products
You only have to look around at the crypto scene for other companies launching their polished interfaces and ui’s to see that in some ways this is a race against time for steem — let’s not beat about it, while the technology is great and we are constantly building things out in some ways we never recovered from the SMT not hitting and finding out that nobody was really managing the nearly 2 million a year AWS bill — a major concern for me when one of the founding members is just coasting along using the steem to pay for hosting and not in effective way.
The chains that will win are only that not only have a fast TPS (transactions p er second) but also ones that know how to make relationships outside of the chain, balance their books and diversify their team —- other chains who don’t have even a quarter of the platforms built like steem does are polishing up on their first versions learning from everything else that is out there — in some ways, steem has the first mover advantage of people still supporting it after three years and still being here.
we have a tarnished image that needs a lot of support, it’s interesting who is getting support and who is not depending on their stance, in some ways, steem has become very cult like compared to these fresh chains from tron and their btt (BitTorrent) platforms — if they get that right, they could jump up FAST if they get intergrated into a major gaming title — can you imagine FORTNITE for instance having tron/btt support? That would move a lot of transactions and money very quickly.
The Inclusive Boys Club or Pocket Tribes
where are the women only dapps? or at the very least platforms built on steem by women? is there a reason why we don’t have many women in crypto? we definately need more diversity – first thing i’m gonna support when i have the funds to do so!
Whichever way you decide to go on the blockchain at some point your are gonna bump into one or the other — go this way, or go that — sure you could build your own thing out and many do but then it becomes an uphill climb, ego and business plans get in the way.
i have a lot of hope for esteem — what started for me as a concern that they were trying to do too much (with what started out as a clunky app) has expanded into esteem surfer (which is stunning and has @dunsky stunning graphics) and just a whole bunch of wonderful interfaces to the chain.
the fact that steemit never used the over the condenser version is wild too me, shows me that a controlling body doesn’t always know what’s good for the look of the chain.
thanks for spending time here today, I’m looking to load up on more TASK tokens and see about bringing a large amount of steemians over to this digest — it can’t be upvoted/downvoted — so it has no impact on the rewards pool! We do this for the love of the dialog! ;) — feel free to engage in video responses below.
QOTD; ya wanna hit that record but something stops you!
Calling the lurkers and the introverts! describe the sensation and the feeling you have when wanting to leave a video response but can’t!

for all the lurkers, shy and introverted, it's ok, it's a reasonably safe space! :)
# Impugn (word of the day)
Impugntr.v. To attack as false or questionable; challenge in argument: “To impugn a political opponent’s record.”
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