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Blocks from the Chains - Issue #147

you can feel the winds of change.we have not even hit the hf21 hard fork yet and already i can feel t

The Side Chain Influencers

August 14 · Issue #147 · View online
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you can feel the winds of change.
we have not even hit the hf21 hard fork yet and already i can feel the winds of change – this is a good thing, price might go up, but more than that i’m hoping that the platform goes up the coinmarketcap chart, steem is undervalued and should not be in position 80+
i’d like to see it back up in the 20’s at least, heck even somewhere near the top 10 purposely on the hardships alone it’s endured in the last year, it’s still adapted and came out strong because of the sheer will of people behind the scenes pushing the ship along, too much time and legacy invested to watch it go down hill now.
while i do feel this next stage is the gentrification stage, holding onto what they have managed to aquire in the last three years and nuke a bunch of low hanging fruit in the process i do think that a more sharply dressed steemian will be a little easier on the eye – let’s hope condenser is getting that treatment behind the scenes as well eh? :)
the rise of the side chains
steem has fostered and helped a bunch of services grow up and out of the chain, now being complimentary to the original steem blockchain – i see both dtube and reviewhunt like that – even thou reviewhunt is a login and password system the connection with steem is incredibly strong and i truly believe that reviews, makers and hunters is a massive industry for the steem blockchain to get awareness in the core blockchain – i can totally see people exchanging HUNT for STEEM and visa versa.
The same can be said for the upcoming IEO for the DTC token, d.tubes very own token on the avalon blockchain, a built from scratch chain to fix some of the issues that the steem blockchain has when it comes to wanting to build a video portal similar to youtubes – even thou dtube supports steem for crossposting, voting and comments it’s the new chain that gives the platform it’s power of community features that unfortunately were issues in the steem design – i guess that’s progress right, new technology replaces the old, things age fast in the digital world, you’ve always gotta adapt to the new.
steemwallet 2.0 brings keychain
the new version of the wallet brings about useful interaction with steem based blockchain apps now that the wallet has support for steem keychain, this means once you have updated your keychain on mobile with your keys doing signing and transactions will be fast – this should enable a rapid growth in applications for people who are mobile (and that’s a lot of people these days) – if you have been thinking about a mobile app for the steem blockchain and have been holding off now is the time to re-look in to the chain, i can see a bunch of brand new dapps that will appear based on this news in the next month or so. ..
that’s my midweek meerkat word for the moment, i’ll catch up with you all tomorrow, see you on the flipside! :)

it's meerkat wednesday, look up and wave to monday and panic for friday. .. . ;)
# Dexterous (word of the day)
Dexterousadj. Skillful in the use of the hands. Having mental skill or adroitness; clever. Done with dexterity. “A dexterous wood craftsman.”
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