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Blocks from the Chains - Issue #148

Weeks come around fast enough don’t they? Last night i had the most incredible sleeps, I’d kinda miss

The Side Chain Influencers

August 15 · Issue #148 · View online
daily updates you might have missed on a variety of blockchains, sidechains and tokens for brand advocates, influencers, media makers and content creators -- ditch your adsense addiction!

Weeks come around fast enough don’t they? Last night i had the most incredible sleeps, I’d kinda missed those kind of sleeps, full body induced sleep, a body needed refresh and recharge, like being seven of nine with an always on brain with battery recharging body parts — that future of replacement high end bionic legs, arms and eyes is not that far away, the era of the blockchain blade runner working for credits.
I briefly saw that crypto took a tumble, the stock market a bunch of points, people killed somewhere on planet earth, virtual reality inside of our reality, it’s a lot for empaths to deal with on a daily, hourly basis — so many broken spirits looking to control some kind of the narrative to help their tormented brains in some ways.
Still, we are the morning riser to wipe our eyes and rise up from the bed towards the light of the day, we can still adapt to a better way, we always have time, their will remain billions of people today that will try.
The price is right, buy and do ya thing!
Today is another gift if you are here for the long game of using crypto currency in your day to day life and if you trust in the blockchain strength of steem to be one of those elements to your digital future — at the price it is right now it would be a mistake to pass that up. I’ve seen that price of course down at $0.07 and i stayed here then, i knew at some point it was gonna be higher than that but that’s mainly because don’t we love a great underdog story right?
When other steemians stay here because they say they see the pace of work being done here and invest back in it’s because they want to keep working on this chain, to see it expand and grown and build things that were just ideas and dreams — to put it plainly — i don’t know any other chain that makes it easier to realise your blockchain dreams than steem, ignore the price, ignore the place in CoinMarketCap and instead focus on what’s being built and who’s using it and what trajectory they are taking.
Building up the Outreach for Reviewhunt.
This is my prime directive now, think of it like Robocop. I have a mission to follow through on. I’ve been a mod for the steemhunt platform for nearly eighteen months now and i’ve loved the journey so far — and yet we are only just getting started!
Nothing resonates with me more than the reviewhunt platform, it’s going to be the gold standard for brand advocates and influencers for the near future, the timing is perfect too because nobody has anything like this targeted group of hunters involved — we have a lot of work to do but I’m ready to do it.
@dayleeo has already built out a list of products she loves and once I’ve added mine the next stage is to build personal videos to reach out to people at these companies, our aim is to build up a library of companies that we have referred to the platform and help them build their campaigns in the process.
Avoid the Drama of HF21
I’m going to focused on proper work, not drama for the rest of the year, I’m in the stacking process not the slacking time arena. I expect power trippers to be in full force at hf21 and so i suggest maybe not accepting payment on your work for a few months and instead just stack your steem in other ways. …
now we have HUNT we can work there with no fear of downvotes and convert back to STEEM whenever we want — with the price going to go back up you’ll be in a good place! :) — also, DTC, buy lots in their IEO, that’s a separate chain than the steem one so again, you don’t get the disfunction of your work getting effected!
Thank you for following the daily digest, i really enjoy writing them out and this morning was a really nice wake up call for me as the coffee kicked in. I”m feeling centered, focused and aware — time to push out those plans! :)

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