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Blocks from the Chains - Issue #152

FRESH FRESH, EXCITING.. ... your so exciting to me, your fresh fresh, exciting.. . remember that trac

The Side Chain Influencers

August 19 · Issue #152 · View online
daily updates you might have missed on a variety of blockchains, sidechains and tokens for brand advocates, influencers, media makers and content creators -- ditch your adsense addiction!

.. … your so exciting to me, your fresh fresh, exciting.. . remember that track from the 80’s — that’s the current META on the steem blockchain right now, that the master manipulator middlemen will right the ship and everything will be great and the price will go up and we will have 100 whales and nobody else here communicating – fall down the witness rankings? spin up a exchange, worried you won’t be the no1 community, spin up something and call it tribes! – you can DO ANYTHING with steem! :)
But in all seriousness thou, we are probably watching the first embers of the slow death of a startup in it’s implosion stages – i mean don’t get me wrong some great ideas about business being presented but really the majority is about applying so called ‘community’ feedback (i.e from a handful of the most megalomanic and power driven) and then passing that back to the mother ship who wants to make it looks like it was the community asked for it while they keep selling buckets of steem anyway.
The rise of the anti-social media for steem has begun, i can feel it. the revolt is coming, the push back is inbound – while offshore businesses grey suit pseudo businessmen saunter along the riviera discussing their gains in their shitty suits the rest of the planet burns, remember some of those steemians you loved? yeah their homes and surrounding are on fire now.
ah nothing like the smell of the march of capitalist progress as around us the lava and the waters rise, still, our power looks good today right? :)
WHOA, man, my mind before coffee. it’s a vertiable playground, it’s like that scene out of terminator 2, but in this it’s the community inside the fence while people on the outside are mad at exchanges – you’ve got seven years until bitcoin is cryptographically broken and the curve is hacked in minutes.
just think of all the people buying a token that’s around $0.01 – just imagine how many millions you can hold and how that is gonna make you so much more of 1’s and 0’s if you just HODL! — lol. what a fucking joke crypto is at the best of times. I LOVE the technology, but it’s just a playground for failed actors to get back up on the virtual stage again and manipulate outcomes.
nothing and nobody is too big to fail, some of the best laid plans of mice and men always get overtaken by nature eventually – while your hands were away from the wheel of the ship the tsuanmi wave of progress came in and swept you aside, in some ways, that might be how many cryptos go – after all, the fastest chains are gonna be the ones that get all the exposure, nobody cares about history or legacy or that you were first anymore ;)
power in the yes of the broken will always feel like success. Bring on the lower prices of steem i say so we can micro manage our moments of flitting between coinmarketcap and reality as the price jumps another 0.01 of a point, it’s madness, but it is sparta and sparta is a lovely place in the summer.
the old buildings are coming down and high rises are going up, it’s pay to play now, every ninth floor is a data centre (as per skyscrapers) and each one of them as a data architect – if you spend any time on steem you’ll bump into one eventually, they have all the keys to the room.
you can either blend in or be steem rolled over, you wanna stay, pay the rent, but don’t expect services, just be quiet and take the steem price ass banging like a good resident, don’t rock the boat, remember in the life of pi there is always a tiger underneath a sheet at the other end of the boat.
when people have time, money and power invested in something and it’s not going there way people do radical things to maintain some kind of image and place in society, you only have to see how steem has progressed to understand that – who runs a company with their eye so far from the wheel that you can run up millions hosting images on amazon? no worries, let 70% of the staff go, problem solved. it’s just BUSINESS right? :)
Look, anyway, this place needs a lick of paint right? i’ve got my holdings portfolio to consider, that highstreet shop of steem can’t be empty for long, the next resident will have to spruce it up and cover over the mould that’s grown in place for the last three years – let’s hope the next renter can be suckered to open up a fiat mainline to the great graphene controller.
'buy cheap by twice’ my grandad said, he was a union man, he stood among the workers and men and fought for their human rights, he was a grand pubar of a man working for rolls royce, providing engines that have flown your fat asses around the world while you moaned about how much seating space you had.
invest in your own personal utility, give yourself permission, keep blogging with zero rewards and zero comments, you are immutable, the chain cares not over your bitterness or grivance, it cares not for identity or racial slurs, it’s just a block party you’ll always be invited too, regardless who runs the block.
we need business. we need money. we need inflation, we need my service, your value, our input. my time valued at X and your requirement valued at Y.
But a pig is often still a pig underneath, no matter how fresh and NEW steem it looks, so i say choose your bovine produce carefully, is it farmed with sustainability in mind or in a few more years with the soil of the foundations be so acid ridden that you can’t grow anything in it anymore?
has the juice of progress already been squeezed ad infinitum?
who can tell.
but i do know this, like business, it’s the practices that you choose in life to accept, you can either do your due diligence or not, if you don’t always expect to pay for the arrogance and greed and demands that systems put on our day to day lives – utopia is an illusion when your dealing with the worlds biggest virus to ever hit planet earth.
humans. …
this daily slice of steem based, steemian overloaded satirical look from a devils advocate position was dropped to you by @teamhumble – a node in the network of the immutable chain steem, one of thousands of blockchains in the world you can use for your day to day needs! :) buy STEEM it’s cheap!

what's your favorite season and what drives you on a daily basis? :)
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