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Blocks from the Chains - Issue #153

changing the newsletter aroundcall it stagnantion, call it the bear market, call it doing 150+ daily

The Side Chain Influencers

August 20 · Issue #153 · View online
daily updates you might have missed on a variety of blockchains, sidechains and tokens for brand advocates, influencers, media makers and content creators -- ditch your adsense addiction!

changing the newsletter around
call it stagnantion, call it the bear market, call it doing 150+ daily days digest but i feel the need to switch things around a bit — i’m still gonna be covering steem because i’m there everyday posting using that service through great products like steemhunt, reviewhunt and and while i’m not particularly that interested in earning tokens from tribes via steem engine i am interested in the technology that has sprung up around the steem blockchain, weird huh?
i’ve decided that i’m just gonna focus on the core components like i mentioned in a recent post in the @steemcasting account – live streaming, gaming, e-sports, productivity, brand advocacy and sustainable products.
those are the things that drive me, those are the things i enjoy, there is no point covering or engaging with things outside of that remit.
passionate about building the crypto advocates
this morning i noticed a tweet that said ‘road to 5 million’ – like having a million was'nt enough already. i’ve noticed this a lot about youtube and video on the web in general, the people who have built up a following want to maintain that audience engagement on them, they want to keep on stacking the subscribers because it makes them more money – it appears that enough is not a word when it comes to capitalism.
instead of re-inforcing the scene with lots of people coming up, lots of choices and opinion we end up with a top end collective that has a very closed viewpoint which is then used to influence millions – you only have to see how that’s changed PEOPLE when you look at influencers on instagram with these lifestyle blogs and people shooting random shit in malls. gluttony and gloating at it’s finest, what happened to the real people with conversation and questions rather than repeater stations?
in the same way i’m always looking for the diamonds in the rough, those people that want to check what is and what sucks and make it better – i truly think crypto can do that for brand advocacy, spread the load, make is all better, make better products, give better r&d feedback and everyone earn what they work for rather than marketing spend just go to a handful, i realise that’s a utopian vision but still, it’s worth aiming for.
that’s me today on this tuesday, ready to get into the day, don’t forget to reply back to the video question of the day today, it’s using mosaeek and when you click on the image it takes you to the video where you can actually reply to the video, i use chrome and that works well for replies!
see ya tomorrow!
(p.s - welcome back to cabelindsay to steem, he’s been away like nine months and that’s because he’s formed a band!)

click to video reply! yep, that's a thing these days now! :)
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i run a avalon leader witness server! i'd love your vote!
we build landing pages for carrd pro, you can get them for $97 for lifetime!
THE BUZZ FACTOR // EP3 is out!
covering all the things, quests and campaigns and HUNT oh my!
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