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The Side Chain Influencers - Issue #154

that steem price thou, that's a buy mate!it's like $0.16 today, i remember buying in at $0.15 and $0.

The Side Chain Influencers

August 21 · Issue #154 · View online
daily updates you might have missed on a variety of blockchains, sidechains and tokens for brand advocates, influencers, media makers and content creators -- ditch your adsense addiction!

that steem price thou, that’s a buy mate!
it’s like $0.16 today, i remember buying in at $0.15 and $0.07 before that, those were some crazy times when i think back, even thou payouts were high i still knew that at some point this chain would fly, it’s interesting how it was promoted as this place where you could earn as a blogger and once it started to really get drained they backtracked on that and slowly formed power couplings behind the scenes – with hf21 (codename gentrification) that’s aiming to fix some of the ‘bad actors’ and turn is into an exclusive airport lounge where only certain level SP holders can get into – it’s going to be a wild ride as we watch the self absorbed tickle each others bumholes over it.
still, buy steem, it’s a fucking bargain.
meanwhile, outside the world burns
i kinda interact with most web platforms in a post it note kinda way still i’ve noticed, i mean, outside on planet earth with all the green, wildlife and water still it’s a planet that we should be tendering for but instead we just stack blocks and burn through resources in the pursuit of growth and mathmatically correct smugness – it’s kinda wild how we travel through life with blinders on in the pursuit of some self satistifaction about the ultimate right for ourselves.
technology for me is a tool, a means to an eventual demise and end. our pursuit of excellence will end in the demise of the very resources that fed it, we will look and wonder and swipe on our phones not realising what we’ve done as the towers fall and the ice shelves raise the water level – but your fine right, you hodl’d that crypto? – quantum level maths may write away our story immutability but ultimately it will remove our connection with each other, the cascade effect has already started.
steem has not faced anti-social media yet, but it will.
as with all things honed in reality it’s obvious to me that with this next change that we are putting up our own version of a wall to a certain 'class structure’ of the blockchain, ones that keep powering down and taking the 'precious rewards pool’ that the established and long time communities who splintered off and built their own protectionism tribes in case uncle steemit has a heart attack and keeled over in a dunking donuts somewhere.
every time anyone has ever adjusted access to a resource that was once plentiful you can see all the edge cases reacting inwards, it’s like watching an implosion happen, it’s like this russian skyfall missle in fact – accident happens, nodes get knocked off, radio silence – the wait for the dust to settle, to re-write the manifesto in ways that best please the power brokers.
that’s the wonderful thing about free market economies right, they are so visceral and sharp, to the point – on an edge – the reputation management balance teetering on the brink between the social outreach and the anti-social discourse, whoever is more relevant and more power hungry wields the tools to establish a social discourse through manipulation and falsehoods
while our blockchains maybe immutable and our consensus layer just, the work of those social power brokers goes on – another shiny shit suit selling out the environment in the pursuit of status and GROWTH at all costs, thanos balance at the end of an ashtray and with a flashing oil light on a rental car.
but their is good in these words
you can still build here.
you can build over there. you can build your perfect 150 strong dunbar number squad and you can take action on the things that you don’t like in the world – you can win your small battles which echo through time and space itself like a neutron star getting sucked into a black hole adjust the very time and space around it. momentum brings about change, buy steem and make that change! :)
(too many spartans in the kitchen can spoil the broth)
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