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The Side Chain Influencers - Issue #155

time and tide wait for no manwashed away or washed up, crypto goes up, crypto goes down, forests burn

The Side Chain Influencers

August 22 · Issue #155 · View online
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time and tide wait for no man
washed away or washed up, crypto goes up, crypto goes down, forests burn, dirty energy pollutes. ugh. this is progress? time for coffee first before the next line i’m thinking what do you say? :)
lol, funny to pick this up the next morning as i’m ¾ the way through my coffee, i got woke up EARLY this morning by the starting of a TRUCK so that was a bit of a instant awake situation!
and in typical fashion the title of this section was on point. that truck driver was not gonna wait for my sorry ass to wake up and get outta bed, the universe decided that he was gonna do it for me instead!
Like the tides of the sea, mother nature lets us know, every single day that she’s gonna be lapping away at our coast lines forever (well as long as we have a moon) and she will be here well after we are gone – something to consider as we go about our little bubble human lives each day! :)
t-minus gentrification
not long to go now, you can see all the power hungry, greed meister, offshore accounts, shiny suits starting to get themselves together because the power party is in session – casting aside any new minnows and people who JUST got started on the steem blockchain in the pursuit of more status (kinda like a 300 spartan visual there) – anyway, change is change. you adapt and you move, you move and you hustle, you have the same amount of hours as the next person on planet earth, how you use them is totally up to you right?
where you spend your time and what on is in your domain. maybe switch it up from wanting to be validated for existing every five minutes and actually apply yourself to some of those dreams you have – want something to exist? make it, build it, faster, stronger, but mostly better!
mornings like what
i wish, i could just get up at the exact time of 5:30am – don’t get me wrong today is pretty good with this early start and get’s me ahead before the ‘business’ people come online and then i’m given my work for the next few days, i’m looking to lock down like 20hrs for a client before sunday, if i can do it and pad it out not only will i have a rad little piece of portfolio work by the end of that day but i’ll also be getting some racks to cover bills at the end of the month – cross your fingers for me.
i feel we are gonna crash or fly
just a gut feeling i have right now, we are either gonna see a bunch of things head upwards or we are gonna take a dump and look at the debris of our actions, we are literally walking and living on a tinder box of decisions each day! – don’t get me started on this whole uk thing either! time to stack that extra big 10kg bags of rice and flour – at least if i have them i can work around the rest, i know a few cows that i can go and squeeze out some milk and make yogurt too! :)
maybe it’s time to go work manual labour at a farm for all the farm food stuffs? yeah that would be neat! :)
you can get to the latest question of the day here – – i ask a question each day that you can video reply back with. i’m looking to bring this to the steem blockchain too.

a brand new QOTD, what's your perfect interface? :)
# Ignominious (word of the day)
Ignominious adj. Deserving or causing public disgrace or shame; humiliating: “An ignominious defeat.”
Everyday Magnificence!
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I want to bring video replies and comments to all steem frontends!
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i make little tutorial videos for steem from a content creator perspective!
i'd love your vote for my witness server on! click above!
yep, we do! and they cost $12 each or $97 for life time access! :)
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