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The Side Chain Influencers - Issue #157

we are on the way back up folks!position 78, we are on the climb back up the ranks folks, price up 7%

The Side Chain Influencers

August 24 · Issue #157 · View online
daily updates you might have missed on a variety of blockchains, sidechains and tokens for brand advocates, influencers, media makers and content creators -- ditch your adsense addiction!

we are on the way back up folks!
position 78, we are on the climb back up the ranks folks, price up 7% – the lipstick on the pig is in full effects – the posts will flow of how they brought steem back from the brink while the select few fat cats will get to fund their power hungry products and we end up with another board of directors decentralized, gentrification in full effect, move out the riff raff and those that don’t fit the ‘grade’ and steemroller through with forced abandon!
THAT SAID, you’ll still be able to benefit as a SP holder because that’s the goal for this lipstick on a pig new steem right? head back up the charts, higher price, more of the rewards pool to the 'businesses’ in suits, fuck the social component, we don’t value that, we played for three years now we wanna squeeze that out! – remember, they have input over the code and the whole top twenty witness 'consensus’ is an illusion when they are being sociable manipulated! don’t forget the crooks who have offshore bank accounts as well, it’s just another play, round two to play out some quentin taratino character of their dreams – the same attitude that allows our planet to burn.
buy it, it’s a great buy
seriously thou, steem is a great buy! but then so are other platforms, especially things like tron, that’s on the come up as well if you wanna get behind a chain that i’m sure will end up with a lot of traffic and utility from the gaming arena, i mean splinterlands even put some eggs in that grate so you know they want a backup (because greed and power) – it’s a great blockchain, fast technology, get onboard not because of flipping the money to more money but what you can do with it! :)
in reality thou, i’ve been making!
i’m really enjoying making again at the moment, i’ve got a new client that i’m doing video edits, animations and app store stuff for it and it’s working out pretty damn sweet, i think i can probably finally stop my power downs which is amazing and maybe i can save or flip some of this stuff to really give live streaming and that vanlife a real shot in 2020 – i’m thankful for the learning of the steem blockchain over the last three years and i now know what to look for when getting involved with blockchain communities – i understand a LOT why people don’t come OR stay here for very long once they see beneath the engine of hypocrisy reveals itself, who thought letting an anarchist handle marketing was a good idea anyway? beware of wolves wearing high society clothing!
putting the fun back into social
i freaking LOVE mosaeek, it feels like seesmic did a little bit well over a decade ago, it was not about status, power, one-up man ship, it was just creative conversations, in time, opinions of where you were at and it was a mish mash of people, it was a 100 strong and that was enough, it did not need to be big, i’m happy with a tribe of max 150 dunbar number anyway – fuck trying to scale conversations, sure do it, but do it in small batches – everything small batches was always good because it had care and attention and love applied too! :)
take tribes for instance, the only real reason for that was to claw back some sort of semblance of an identity like the last three years messing on the chain was worthwhile – i mean if you drop from the top of the witnesses to out of the twenty consensus witnesses you gotta do something to salvage your power hungry bitterness right? i saw it happen, it was glourious. can’t fault the hustle but you instantly make me walk the other way! :)
do what you love, do what you love!
everyday i ask myself the question am i i really doing that, the last week absolutely that’s a yes, i love to make video, check on my servers in the morning, get setup for working, earn some of that virtual scratch change, building out little video gaming shows. it’s a trip, it’s what keeps me super positive – and no pseudo faux positive either, like it really fills me up that i get to play with these technologies.
now that i’m made a few new dev friends it seems that with a bit of the right direction, some mockups and some good intention, fund raising or putting my own money into a thing i wanna build ANYTHING is possible and i’m more excited than ever to build that into an exclusive club – think like GTA5 but for the best to do people in SIX niche fields, imagine that had a transmedia frontend with streams, video, replies, text, comments and voting all powered by a blockchain, could be any blockchain you wanna plug it – round robin resilant, stateless. .. bloody exciting!
i’m pouring one out this evening in an online dance party to our dead homie steem and then lighting a match to the ashes so it can rise again! the phoenix will fly again and light up the sky for miles for all to see.
hope you like my pre-coffee morning rant and bullshit, all references are meh and yawn, it’s just fun ya’ll – do you, free market rules huh huh!
(use steempeak or busy, the BEST frontends to the steem blockchain!)

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i make videos and tutorials about steem! :)
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