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The Side Chain Influencers - Issue #158

THE RISE OF HUNT and DTC tokensnot kidding, these two tokens alone are slowly becoming the focal poin

The Side Chain Influencers

August 25 · Issue #158 · View online
daily updates you might have missed on a variety of blockchains, sidechains and tokens for brand advocates, influencers, media makers and content creators -- ditch your adsense addiction!

not kidding, these two tokens alone are slowly becoming the focal point of my next year on the decentralized web – not only can i have impact on these i can help build, bring awareness and have a good time while other areas online just keep fragmenting into cliches and sheep culture. bahhhhh.
i’ve been a stead fast supporter of the HUNT token since it’s inception with steemhunt. i’ve learned a lot about people, greed, my own relationship with ‘stacking tokens’ and the resilance you need to believe in something will or will not have a future value – the biggest concern is the stuff we do in between the 'hopefully’ end result, it’s almost like people stop living and just exist inside the crypto dream, it’s like an augmentation of live itself, a trapped personal matrix self created.
but with HUNT i can see outcomes, i can effect conversations there, turn marketing companies towards a global influencer base and remove (so add value) bottlenecks in not only the onboarding side, but payment and divesity in voices too! :) – in some ways that’s similar of the DTC tokens too.
steem get’s a little bump, expect blog posts
looks like we are seeing a little bit of an upturn, i have to say i certainly like seeing steem going up rather than down, i did think we were heading out of the top 100 at certain points but it seems we are clawing our way back a little, i’m not too fussed about the price (i mean i’d still like $0.15 as a potential buy in) but i do think on sheer utility it should be at least be in the top twenty, from a technology point of view, not from a social CULT point of view thou that is ;)
i expect lots of posts a month after HF21 as all the 'business’ massive cheer on their weak attended gloatfest about how they turned the ship around by adjusting the behaviour matrix to serve their own needs (don’t forget what they built for you now will you! peace my left nutsack)
that dude pewdiethingy hit 100 million subs i believe at some point yesterday, he got married, he’s getting an epic pay cheque from youtube and yeah, great, an online success story – well played dude – but it does make me think about how we have'nt really fixed anything when it comes to distribution – i mean, are we getting a measured and balanced view of the world when the audience engagement is pointed at one dude – that’s a lotta power.
it’s just a hate or jealous reason for the point, he’s obviously tapped that 'frequency’ that people can resonate with it’s just that like in real life™ like money, food and land, it’s all a little bit fucked and unevenly distributed – it does'nt feel like we are evolving from using these digital tools but rather making us devolve and become more apathetic, it’s an up hill struggle for some of these real world movers and changes to get traction up against a beast of a channel like that. Did we learn nothing from using technology?
Like i said, not a slight at all, chase a dream, go after it, rise and fall with the effort and work you put in, but let’s hope his content can keep us evolving alongside the planet otherwise we are kinda fucked.
talking of youtube, how’s that adsense addiction.
11 years, still short of the golden 1000 sub count. Ha! it’s actually kinda funny how dumb a quest this is but it speaks volumes that roughly i get 100 subs a year. HAHAHA. It’s the kinda thing that as a man in his 40’s can laugh about hard because it’s actually like some kind of indian jones fucked up quest that’s taken a decade and it’s a snails pace – maybe i need to be posting reaction videos to get the numbers moving! – seriously thou, i don’t think i’d ever want to have all my eggs in one basket with adsense payouts! :)
alrighty, that’s me for today, i hope you have a fucking great sundaze. i’m switching between client work today and playing around with themes. good times! :) peace and love! :) the real stuff, with hugs and that! :)

who is the biggest media maker that we should have on mosaeek? :)
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