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The Side Chain Influencers - Issue #161

good morning brave warriors! thought it was about time that i blew off the dust from the newsletter a

The Side Chain Influencers

February 18 · Issue #161 · View online
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good morning brave warriors!
thought it was about time that i blew off the dust from the newsletter and started to get to work renewing it for a new year, 2020 action, nearly the end of feb so a lot of the general masses are starting to recover for spending too much money on the christmas party and maybe they are looking to change up their life and get into crypto – and boy, so much has changed around these parts since last time we spoke.
so steem (the blockchain) has been trundling a long quite nicely for the last four years, kinda paralysed by it’s decentralised roots because everyone is using proof of stake like an IQ level of how things ‘should be’ the governance model of securing the chain has well and truly tested over these years and to be fair steem has been through a lot, abusive relationship after abusive relationship. The user base shrinks, but the hype is still most certainly real.
Tron from my eyes is just a virtualised gambling printing money machine with an interesting character at the digital helm. Steem has swapped passive ned (controllable with threats) for Justin Sun (uncontrollable, lots of begging happening) due to the massive stake of 70+ million of steem he has aquired from ned selling and his stake – again, to be clear, steemit is not the steem blockchain, that’s open source but steemit was a major contributor (still is) of code for the steem blockchain.
The relationship of the steem blockchain and steemit is often a parasitic one, one where apps and services were willing to allow steemit to take the brunt of the costs of keeping the chain going in many ways over the years, basically while the crypto price of btc was good, they could afford to pay overly priced hosting on amazon which ran steemit into the ground a little leaving them with no choice after years in the bear market to let some people go.
Steem has an overseeing group of witnesses who not only have secured the chain for years but also brought about many cool applications and ideas to the chain, more so than any blockchain project out there so it’s always a shock when i constantly see after four years fragmented unity when it comes to the marketing efforts of this platform – in many ways, both tron and steem are seen as shitcoins compared to bitcoin and other projects with clearly defined delivered utility.
that being said, being a user of the many tentacles of the steem blockchain would argue that even in a downturn, bear market steem has continued plugging through and has many cool services to offer compared to others, but for some reason it does not seem to be able to break it’s image of being a dead project – with the recent acquisition of steemit and ned now truly departed with a nice little pay cheque uncertainty is rife across the platform.
lots of people who felt like they had a voice on steem have been driven out by downvoting, behind the scenes manipulation and the steem blockchain is seemingly held hostage by it’s own actions of self important, moreso, it feels at times that it’s feeding on itself, lacking emotional intelligence to be flexible outside of the remit of self governed, constant over analysing of how it can manipulate an outcome in it’s own favour – legacy and time is at play here, but will justin sun delve deeper into the glue that keeps steem together?
oh that kinda rhymes! So after four months of radio silence it seems that the fog has cleared from one of my favorite video projects that was born on the steem blockchain but moved onto building their own fast blockchain called avalon – this is often the case on steem, projects are born and then move on due to limitation with the blockchain itself and the often seen downvoting which is rife across the platform, something you should expect if you are considering being immutable on the ledger (build your own frontend!)
i’m excited to see what dtube can do and i’d love to see if justin and his tron crew would consider pumping some much needed funds into the DTC pot to make this project a reality – it might have a small few hundred users but they are focused on one thing, making noise about decentralised video! a great community of people to tap into bittorrent/utorrent projects for sure!
lastly, i’m really interested in working together with someone to help me port all my steem blockchain posts from the chain to a static site builder, something like HUGO or similar that allow you easily to use an API source and have many great targets to host your static site (netlify, etc) – if you are readying this newsletter i’d love to talk to you about building a collection of said tools to help people who are moving their stake/steem and moving on, i’m sure there are a few people jaded not at the recent tron purchase but considering that maybe four years is enough for them too.

src: whatleydude on flickr
src: whatleydude on flickr
give me a couple of weeks to get this newsletter back up to full strength, i’m currently in the process of making a bunch of new graphics, videos, layouts for all of my steem channels and communities and really want to get my scheduling down each day – it’s gonna be a worth while alternative read to the daily hum drum.
today's word -- BOOTLESS (word of the day)
“We were forced out of the car for the second time that day and hustled into a jeep, unable to see where we were going. It peeled out, turning left, then right, then right again, before pulling over to the other side of the road, in a bootless attempt to mask the location of their base.” — Simon Ostrovsky, Vice, 27 May 2014
check out a bunch of the apps running on the #steem blockchain.
check out a bunch of the apps running on the #steem blockchain.
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